▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄       │
                                                       │ █   █ █ █ █   █       │
                                                       │ █   █ █ █ █▀▀▀▀       │
                                                       │ █   █   █ █     ▄     │
                                                       │                 ▄▄▄▄▄ │
                                                       │                 █   █ │
                                                       │                 █   █ │
                                                       │                 █▄▄▄█ │
                                                       │                 ▄   ▄ │
                                                       │                 █   █ │
                                                       │                 █   █ │
                                                       │                 █▄▄▄█ │
                                                       │                 ▄▄▄▄▄ │
                                                       │                   █   │
Intro                                                  │                   █   │
~ tmp.0ut Staff                                        └───────────────────█ ──┘

I’ve been waiting to do this for a really long time.

To be honest, I don’t think many elf-lovers really envisioned this ever 
happening. Traditionally, we elf researchers have been outliers. Even after VLAD
and the late 90’s vx scene, silvio’s first paper, the unix virus mailing list, 
phrack articles, elfmaster; our numbers and gathering places were small and 

Six months ago I was introduced to s01den, and we decided to work on some ELF 
projects together. I invited my old friend TMZ. A month later, there were maybe
5 of us. Then there were 10. 15. Within three months, there were 28 people 
together in a discord chat, ALL talking about ELF and projects and putting out a
zine - It happened so fast I can't even describe very well how it came into 

We started talking and having meetings and taking on projects - and all agreed 
it would be a wonderful idea to document our journey; create a series of 
publications that can be learned from, used as reference guides, and maybe even 
eventually combine them into a fluent volume of elf modification techniques and 
technology for the next elf generation. I contend with a fair degree of 
certainty that this is most likely the largest group of hackers ever joined 
together at the same time and place who are all actively working on ELF 

Infection algorithms with code examples. Custom linker scripts with an entirely 
new method of loading ELF binaries in memory. Binary golf. Loading kernel 
modules from remote sources. A disinfector written in python. An interview with 
a legend. A 39-page re-reverse engineer and analysis of one of the most complex 
Linux viruses yet seen. I wrote pages and pages of things I wanted to put in 
this introduction I've been waiting 20 years to write, but now that it's come 
down to it, I feel like most of that stuff should be left out, or put in its own
article, because our amazing crew and our content speaks for itself.

And now without further ado, tmp.out, Thugcrowd, and Symbolcrash productions 
proudly present the Mental 'elf support group - spuriously sponsored by the 
society for sanitary shellcodes and the binary bandit backdoorfactory bums

~ sblip